Overdrukventiel 3-4 Bar
Overdrukventiel 3-4 Bar
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Compressoren Onderdelen: overdrukventiel Inschakelen: 3 BAR Uitschakelen: 4 BAR




0,100 KG


€ 4,00


1 werkdag indien besteld voor 15.00 uur

€ 3,99
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Compressoren Onderdelen: overdrukventiel

Inschakelen: 3 BAR
Uitschakelen: 4 BAR

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kees - 22-05-2022 19:56

goede prijs + snel geleverd + exact dezelfde
werkt prima op mijn compressor

GEORGIOS - 03-03-2022 22:26

My compressor works fine again.
Good support.
Thanks again.

Jose Ignacio - 20-07-2020 12:58

Works correctly. I have been able to repair my compressor. Very good communication with the seller.

Viktor Madarasz - 29-05-2020 13:33

Work's fine. (Turns the Compressor on and off, depending on the air pressure.)
I have not found this part anywhere else in Europe, so I ordered it from the Netherlands.
I live in Hungary, the shipping was fast.
Its excatly the same as the old one.

Raph - 27-05-2020 16:23

Works fine, nothing else to say except regarding the delivery delay : 12 days to France, it's 60km per day ! Nederlands posts !
Used to replace a defect item on a brand new compressor, it caused motor blockings due to bounces of the switch. I told them this switch was faulty but they asked me to realign the motor axe ! I was right, I replaced the switch and the compressor works like a charm ! I don't know why I'm writting as this comment will be cancelled, it's hard to recognize its own errors.

raph - 26-05-2020 17:41

How could I give you any review when I wait for it since May 15th ? We are 26th.
"Delivery time : 1 day when ordered before 15.00 hrs" are you kidding ?

E.R. Rakers - 16-04-2020 08:42

Werkt prima en vlot geleverd.

gkaragiannis - 03-09-2019 19:43

Exacly what I was need.
My airbrush compressor working perfect again.
In 5 days time (include weekend) I order it, deliverd (Greece) and install it.
Great job, thank you guys.

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